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Free Home delivery available in overall Tamilnadu. We have 80 Years experience.
Healthy and Pure Product

We have over 80 years of experience!

5 Years Generation

We have over 80 years of experience!

We Are Best Oil

Murugan Oil Mill & Machine Works is a leading provider of traditional cold pressed oil machineries such as, stone ghani, & rotary to all over India and abroad. We are supplying machineries to all type of industries small, micro, medium and large scale industries. We are mainly concentrating on small scale industries to leverage new entrepreneurs, So that we can create local business and contribute to country’s growth in GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Small is beautiful, because, through small scale, we can achieve a lot. Through, Localization of business, we can reduce lot of imports of raw materials and oils.

About Us

We produce pure Coconut oil, Gingelly Oil and Groundnut Oils..We are 80 Years Experience. FSSAI certified. Our nutrients are great for maintaining our health.Let us use the finest stone oil.Murugan Oil recognized company with 80 years of heritage. The result is a deliciously flavored natural oil that complements any dish and keeps you healthy...
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Chekku Oil means, during the extraction process the temperature of nuts/seeds are maintained at the room temperature. Temperature can be maintained low only if traditional Vagai tree wood(Stone Chekku) is used and extracted by a Medicine process. Since the oil is not headed, it retains the natural nutrients, flavor, Color and texture.
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Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Pure Coconut oil is known for its pleasant fragrance and taste, antioxidants, medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), and beneficial vitamins. Coconut oil is a widely known and used substance.


Groundnet Oil

Peanut is also known as goober, pinder, groundnut, earthnut and ground pea. Groundnut oil is naturally sweet and flavored edible oil. Refined Groundnut oil has a light yellow color and a neutral taste.